About This Site

BrianMcCracken.com exists for a few reasons. First and foremost, I paid a ton for the domain. There really are a lot of well known Brian McCrackens out there – cheers to your success name twins! 

Beyond just the extraordinary amount I paid for the domain, I needed a place to store and organize my free front-end development courses other than YouTube. YouTube is really handy when you need one specific video. The playlists are nice, but they aren’t perfect. A website can give those videos some structure and deeper explanation.

I also wanted a place to keep little tutorials I make. Again, YouTube is great for that sort of thing, but this site offers me another layer of organization.

I also wanted a formal place to offer services and where people could find me.

Lastly, I needed a place where I could express some of my personal thoughts. How I feel about certain issues is a part of my personal brand that can’t be separated from who I am professionally. Doing volunteer work, and donating to causes are a core part of my daily drive and existence, so having a location to talk about those things matters.

Thanks for coming to my little TED Talks about why this is a thing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

While I work hard to provide the best experience possible I may have fallen short in some way and if you find that to be true please be sure to reach out and I will do my best to get back to you quickly

Brian McCracken is a front-end developer and digital marketer expert who lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.